Congress Participants

Açılış Konuşmaları /Opening Speeches

zafer gülProf. Dr. M. Zafer GÜL, Marmara Üniversitesi Rektörü, Marmara University Rector






fatmagencunayson2Fatma GENÇ ÜNAY, Uluslararası Kadın ve Aile Derneği (UKADER) Başkanı, International Women and Family Association (IWFA) President

 Originally being from the Crimean Tatar descent, Fatma Genç Ünay was born in Ankara in 1976. During her education in Istanbul’s Marmara University, she went to Britain where she completed the undergraduate Business Studies with Human Resources Management program of the Salford University’s Faculty of Business Administration, earning her BSc Hons Degree (Bachelor of Science Honours Degree). She then carried on with her studies on fashion industry. With her dissertation thesis dealing with Fashion Management and she completed a MBA (Master of Business Administration). In her book, “Fashion Management,” which aims to make the fashion industry professionally better known drawing on her experience in a fashion firm, F&Z&G Collection, she established in 1997, Ünay focused on the fashion industry and the intellectual background feeding it. Her desire to become specialized in strategic management and organization prompted Ünay to seek a PhD (doctorate) degree in that field. Serving on the Women Entrepreneurs Committee at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), she was also selected a member of WISE Global Leaders’ Platform in the area of culture. Writing both Turkish and English articles for various magazines and academic journals on topics such as fashion industry and life style, innovation, technology, fashion brands, female entrepreneurship, she also works as a fashion consultant. She has spearheaded many social responsibility projects, and served as Board Member in a number of international civil society organizations. She is at the helm of the Executive Board of the International Women and Family Association (IWFA, or UKADER in Turkish). Taking the lead in the organization of several academic congresses, seminars and conferences on diverse topics aimed at raising the status of women and family, Ünay, as a fashion professional and civil society leader, also provides counselling to public and private institutions, the Ministry of Family and Social policies in particular. Currently serving as a Member of the Istanbul Greater Municipality (İBB) Council, Ünay also holds the post of Deputy Chairwoman at the Council’s Commission for European Union Affairs and Foreign Relations. Besides her works concerning historical attires, modernization, houte couture design, she prepares freelance fashion collections as well.

nesrin çelikNesrin Çelik, T.C. Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanlık Müsteşarı/ Republic of Turkey, Undersecretary of Ministry of Family and Social Policy 






BETUL-BOZDOGAN-son1Betül Bozdoğan

Betül Soysal Bozdoğan was born in 1978 in Gaziantep and graduated from Gaziantep İmam Hatip Lisesi (Highschool) and later on studied psychology. Her master degree was on the behavioral sciences. Bozdoğan started her media career at Gaziantep within the program of ”Fikir Rüzgarı” on the radio department in 1993. She also linked TV programming up to her radio career in 2004. Bozdoğan aired a pair woman and family shows of at TV5.

Bozdoğan broadcasted a half documentary program called LİLA ve MOR (Lilac and Purple) at the news channel TVNET in 2007 and presented the stories of women who were successfull in their professional lives. Later on, she subjected the modern women issues that squeezed between modernism and tradition in terms of family, education and career on the program ‘ÖZNE KADIN’. She focused women’s successes and dilemmas. She become the first anchor woman on the Ramadan TV Shows with the program VAKT-İ MUHABBET by this time. Bozdoğan coordinated a website called She also published some news on the web platform. She started to report on ’24 DAKİKA’ on a news channel TV 24 in 2011. The air kept on untill March 2014 and met with the audiance in every week day at 16:20. Betül Bozdoğan aired a Ramadan Show with a historian Yavuz Bahadıroğlu in ’24 DAKİKA’ at TV 24 in 2013. By March 2014 she started the news program MANŞETTEN at TRT Türk TV Channel. She has been broadcasting MANŞETTEN every week day at 19:25. Bozdoğan got the award of ”The best Anchor Woman” from Sultan Fatih Collegue in 2013. She also presented several national and international organizations. Bozdoğan had duties in many social community on the administration department. She is married and has three children. Twitter / Facebookül-Soysal-Bozdoğan


MERYEM İLAYDAMeryem İlayda Atlas,

She is the editor-in-chief of Lacivert Magazine and a columnist and op-ed editor of Daily Sabah. She is also the editor of Sabah additional; Turkish version of the New York Times. 





Aslıhan Eker,


zeynep bayramoğluZeynep Bayramoğlu,

 Zeynep Bayramoğlu holds an MA on Public Relations and Marketing Communications from Bahçeşehir University. She currently works at AHABER TV as the presenter&producer of Kadraj every week day at 8pm.




serap cebeciSerap Cebeci,

 Serap cebeci has received her BS degree from Marmara Üniversitesi faculty of communications, Department of journalism and her MS degree from the University of central england in fashion design.  After working in the uk and in turkey as  a fashion designer, she joined Kayra in 2005. She continues to work as a lead fashion designer in Kayra as of 2014.




sibel eraslanOturum Başkanı: Sibel Eraslan

She (1967) is a Turkish writer, columnist, journalist, and activist born in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Girls High School in 1985, and then Istanbul University Law School in 1989. She took role in several NGOs about human rights, women’s education, women employment and women rights. She took role in Council of Elders, which is a part of Turkey’s democratization process, as Vice-Chairman of Eastern Anatolia region. She wrote for Teklif and İmza journals, and then to Vakit newspaper. Since 18 February 2011 she writes at Star newspaper. Her stories were published in Mostar and Hece journals. She wrote several novels which many of them translated to several languages; Elephant Stories, Self-Sacrifice Hz. Fatimah, Women Sultans, Fish and Tango, A Part is from Me, Face of Mary, The Desert and the Sea, Şile: A Mermaid, What Happened to Us, Queen of the Nile, Aisha, and Secret Book. She was an honorary guest in London Book Fair. Her Books: Fil Yazıları, Balık ve Tango, Can Parçası Hz. Fatıma, Kadın Sultanlar,Parçası Benden, Siret-I Meryem,  Çöl/Deniz Hz. Hatice, Nil’in Melikesi Hz. Asiye, Canfeda Hz. Fatıma, Şile – Bir Deniz Kızı, Saklı Kitap, Aişe, Muhammed’in Aişe’si…

Merve_Kavakci3Dr.Merve Kavakçı-Islam

Kavakci-Islam is a Lecturer of International Relations at George Washington University and Howard University. She was elected to the Turkish Parliament, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 1999 as the first Muslim woman with hijab. However she was prevented from serving her term by the secular-fundamentalist. Kavakci’s political party was closed down and her Turkish citizenship was revoked, banning her from politics for a period of five years. She took her case to European Court of Human Rights and won in 2007.

A widely recognized international public figure, Kavakci addressed the British Parliament House of Lords, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, US Congress Helsinki Commission and Interparliamentary Union. She has lectured at myriad of American, European and Canadian Universities including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Cambridge, Berlin, Milan, Insburg and Ottowa universities.

Kavakci is recognized among the World’s Most Influential 500 Muslims. She was recognized among “Women of Excellence” by NAACP and GWU in 2004. She was awarded the Public Service Award in Tribute and in Recognition of efforts for the advancement of human rights and Muslim Women’s empowerment by International Association for Women and Children in 2000. She was awarded Service to Humanity Award by Haus Der Kulturellen Aktivitat und Toleranz in Vienna, Austria in 1999. She was granted Mother of the Year Award by Capital Platform of Ankara and National Youth Organization in 1999.

Kavakci holds a Ph. D in political science from Howard University, an MPA from Harvard University and a BS in Software Engineering from University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to that Kavakci attended the Medical School of Ankara University however was not permitted to continue due to the headscarf ban.

Kavakci is a consultant for US Congress on the Muslim world and a columnist for Turkish daily Yeni Akit newspaper. She is the author of Headscarf Politics in Turkey: A Postcolonial Reading, and five other books some of which are translated to Arabic and Persian. She is the author editor of International Relations in the Global Village: Changing Interdependencies. A book on her political life The Day Turkey Stood Still: Merve Kavakci’s Walk in to the Turkish Parliament authored by Richard Peres was recently released.



Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek was born in 1981 in Istanbul. She completed her primary and secondary education in Istanbul, Kadir Has Anatolian High School. She graduated from Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University with two degrees, B.Sc. in Physics and English Language Teaching. She continues her academic career at Yalova University, Social Services M.A. Program. She speaks English and German fluently.v

During her school years, she acted as the founder, chair and member of various student organizations performing in social service projects. She involved in many training courses such as ‘Extraordinary Life Skills, NLP Leadership Principles, Leader Training Leaders, Time Management, Thought Management, Awareness and Balance, Communication Techniques, Active Learning Techniques etc.’

Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek is giving seminars and training mainly in Sakarya and throughout Turkey under the titles of ‘2023 Vision of Generation Z, Violence Against Women, Leadership and Rhetoric, Teamwork, Communication Techniques, Women and Men with Equal Opportunities, Child Marriage and Child Brides’.

She’s serving as the co-chair of her family companies in different sectors such as Training, Consulting, Occupational Health – Safety and Food.

For the politics, as an AK Party member, she was the founding chair of Adapazarı District Women Branches for two years. Then, she was elected as the chairwoman of Sakarya Women Branches and served for two and a half years. In September 2012, she was elected as the member of AK Party Central Decision Making and Administrative Committee (MKYK) and is still serving.

Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek is married and the mother of a charming daughter.

 sultan ışıkSultan Işık,

 Sultan Isik is Lacivert Magazine editor, writer and psychologist. She graduated from George Mason University with a psychology major and Global Affairs minor. Then she got her Master degree in Cultural Studies from Istanbul Sehir University.  Her thesis was “ The Changing Masculinity Identity: Changes in Upper Middle Class Former Islamist Men After February 28”. She is a member of Women and Democracy association (KADEM). She has also volunteered as a psychologist to several Syrian refugee camps in Turkey. She mostly writes about the changing roles of women, men and family for the last 15 years in Turkey.



zehra taşkesenlioğluZehra Taşkesenlioğlu,

She was born in Erzurum in 1972. She had her masters’ degrees in Marmara University’s Department of Economy and in Bahçeşehir University’s EU Relations Department. She finalized her PHD courses in USA in University of New Orleans, Financial Economy Department and currently writing her thesis. She completed her expertise training on Regulatory Impact Analysis and Regulatory Reforms given by Luiss University of Italy and Center for European Studies in 2010. She attended the Legislative Fellowship Programme in Washington DC, funded by United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in 2011. Recently, she is coordinating preparation and implementation of EU and international projects for local governments, public institutions and private sector as the owner and general manager of MAYA Project Management Company. She has many published researches, EU Regional Policy, Social Policy Energy Policies. She also directed many national, regional and international projects funded by EU and Regional Development Agencies. She is both member of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and chairperson of Foreign Economic Relations Board Turkish-Rwandan Business ouncil.

Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu is in active politics since 1994, to perform her personal social responsibility. She started to work in in Refah Party’s Istanbul Women’s Branch Presidency she pursued leadership of Organization, Economic and Social Works, R&D Units. She was coordinated many election such as general elections local elections. She is recently member of AK Party’s Istanbul Branch Management Board.


gülden z.omurganProf. Gülden Z. Omurtag,

 She was born in 1960 in Tekirdağ. After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of IITIA, in 1981, she worked for the Central Laboratory as quality control manager on medicine and raw materials between the years 1983 and 1984. She completed her master’s degree in İstanbul University Institute of Health Sciences in 1987, and her doctoral degree in 1992. She was appointed to Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy as instructor in 1992 and as Assistant Professor in 1994. In 2002, she received her Associated Professor degree and then Professor Degree in 2007. Between 2002-2008, she worked as the vice director of the Institute of Health Sciences and as Head of Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences of Marmara University between 2008-2011. She worked as the director of the Institute of Health Sciences of Marmara University in 2010-2012. Since 2012, she has been the Dean of Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy and since March 03, 2014, she has been the Vice Rector of Marmara University. She has 24 articles in SCI on Drug Researches, Genetic Toxicology, Food Toxicology, Environment Toxicology areas; 17 national articles audited by peer review; 72 international and national scientific papers; 17 completed and 4 ongoing scientific projects conducted by herself. In addition, she supervised 3 doctoral and 9 master’s degree theses. She has 364 international scientific citations and her h index is 11. She is married and has two children.

Andrea Szigeti1Doç Dr. Andrea Szigeti, 

 College Associate Professor, Head of Institute

 Gál Ferenc College (Szeged), Faculty of Social Science and Training, Gerhardus Institute of Social Science and Training


– from 1995 guest lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the College of Economy in Budapest

– 2005-2013 associate professor at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University

– from 2008 associate professor at Gál Ferenc College

– from 2009 guest lecturer at the College of Theology in Esztergom

– from 2010 Head of Institute at Gál Ferenc College, Faculty of Social Science and Training, Gerhardus Institute of Social Science and Training


– 1991-2003 judge at the Court of Budapest

– 2003-2005 judge at the Court of Appeal of Budapest

– from 2005 lawyer


– 2011-2013 board member of Adult Training Accreditation

– from 2013 member of Committee of Experts of Adult Training


burcu irem omurtgan1Asst. Prof. İrem Omurtag Korkmaz,

B. Irem Omurtag Korkmaz was born in 1984, in Istanbul and graduated from the Uskudar Anatolian School in 2002. Then she was educated in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Istanbul University between the years of 2002 and 2008. During her education she has also been an Erasmus student in the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria. As soon as she was graduated from the Istanbul University, she has applied for a doctoral program at the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Meat Technology at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and received her Doctorate degree in 2012. After she turned back to the country Turkey, she was appointed as an Assistant Professor to the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Marmara University in 2013. She is also both the Erasmus and Mevlana coordinator of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Young researcher has 7 articles in the field of food microbiology included in SCI, with 7 international scientific citations and with an h index of 2.

zeynep-gokcen1Zeynep Gökçen,

 WORK EXPERIENCE; Tubıtak Bılgem, Informatics And Information Security Research Center, Sep’12 – Mar’13 / Advisor, Istanbul Unıversıty, Department Of Health, Culture, And Sports, Jun ’11 – Sep’12 / Head Of The Department, Istanbul Unıversıty, Avrasya Institute, Apr ’09 – Dec ’10 / Institute Secretary, Dırectorate General Of Health For Border And Coastal Areas, May ’08 – Feb ‘09 / Vice-President of Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs / Branch Manager of Purchasing and Procurement Jobs, Prof.Dr. N.Reşat Belger Beyoglu Eye Traınıng And Educatıon Hospıtal, May ’03 – Apr ’08 / Deputy Manager Of Hospital, EDUCATION; 2010-uncompleted – Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, Ph.D. in Business Management and Organization, Istanbul, 2006-2008 – Beykent University, Business Management, M.A. in Management of Hospitals and healthcare Organizations,Istanbul, 1994-2000 – Bogazici University, Faculty of Art and Sciences, B.A. in History, Istanbul, PERSONAL  ; Date of Birth  15.08.1976, Languages; Turkish, English, Citizenship; Turkish, Marital Status: Married. E-mail:

ayşen gurcan1Prof. Dr. Ayşen Gürcan,






Eşzamanlı Çalıştay 1. Grup- Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları (STK) /  Parallel Workshop 1. Group -Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

ömer çahaÇalıştay Modertatörü: Prof. Dr. Ömer Çaha






SAREYrd.Doç.Dr.E. Sare Aydın Yılmaz

Aydın is working at the İstanbul Commerce  University in International Relations department  as Asisstant Professor.   After  finishing her under- graduate study at the Istanbul University, Literature Faculty,  copleted her graduate study  in University of İndianapolis in USA  at the International Relations  Department  in 2011,  Aydın ended her phd study in Yeditepe University   at the Political Science and International Relations department  with her   dissertaion  about “ The İncriesing Role of Cities in İnternational Politics”.  lateyl, Aydın works at the Women and  Democracy Association as chair women and focuses on women issues such  gender equity and equality.



rabia yılmazRabiye Yılmaz 

 Born in İstanbul, in 1961. Graduated with a highest ranking from Ankara Science High School and İstanbul University Medical Faculty (1984). After compulsory service, become a obstetrician and gynecologist in İstanbul Medical Faculty (1991). Between 1992-2000 participated in teaching staff in Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Vakıf Gureba Hospital. Beside the national and international scientific publications, published a book named “Canlıyım Geliyorum- I’m alive and coming”. Founder and Advisory Board member of Woman Sanitarians Solidarity Association (KASAD-D). Founder and Trustee Board member of Woman Sanitarians Education and Solidarity Foundation. Co Chair of The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World Woman Family and Youth Commission. Serving in her clinic and working on tube baby. A mother of three children.


nejla koytakNecla Koytak                   

Born in Erzurum, in 1946.  EDUCATION: Master Degree: Applied Psychology- Üsküdar University- Institue of Social Sciences / Universe Degree (1): Pedagogy- Istanbul University- Literature / Universe Degree (2): Agricultural Engineering- Atatürk University

CERTIFICATES: S. Bray, System Family Therapy Certificate / Ministry of Family and Social Policies of Turkey – Family Education Program Formatorship Certificate

JOB EXPERIENCE: State Hydraulic Works of Turkey- Engineer Planning and Etude, 1969- 1973 / Teacher and Manager in Private High Schools, 1978- 1986 / I have been conducting educational programs for women, under a wide program called “EACH MOTHER IS A SCHOOL”, since 1988 / Secretary General of Human Development and Social Education Foundation (IGETEV), since 2008 / With the cooperation of “Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation” and İGETEV, education coordinator of the educational program called “Women of Science, Medicine and Management in Muslim Heritage”

ASSOCIATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS: of which I am a member / Human Development and Social Education Foundation İGETEV / Children- Family Health and Guidance Foundation ÇARE- DER / World Orphans Education Foundation DÜNYEV / Transpersonal Psychology and Psychiatry Association

BOOKS:  Her Anne Bir Okul, Uçurtma Yayınları, 2002 / Ben Bana Verilenim, Uçurtma Yayınları, 2002 / Sevgi ve Erdem Toplumu İçin Bir Temel Eğitim Modeli, İstanbul, 1996



ayşegül nalcıAyşegül Nalçacı

Aysegul Nalcaci was born in 1989, in Istanbul. She had her BA in Sabanci University, School of Management in 2011. Then, she got her Master degree in Globalization and Development from School of Oriental and African Studies in 2012, in London. Her dissertation is titled “Turkey’s Foreign Policy Activism:
A Study Of The Commercial Relations With Arab Countries In The Justice And Development Party Era”. She is a PHD candidate in the Political Economy of the Middle East at Marmara University. Economic development, social policies and political economy are her research interests. She works as a volunteer in Meridyen Association.


NİGARNigar Tuğsuz

Nigar Tuğsuz completed her BA at Mimar Sinan University and received her MA from ODTU, both in sociology. Between 2006-2007 she was a visiting student at Boğaziçi University and took courses in Europen History and Globalization. She is currently a Phd candidate in the Political Science at Fatih University. Social Identities, Identity Politics, Alevi Identity, Intergroup Relations, social intagration and disintegration are some of her main study areas. She is working as Researcher at SETA.



mustafa tekin1

Çalıştay Moderatörü: Doç. Dr. Mustafa Tekin, İstanbul Üniversitesi





Ayla Ağabegüm


alev sezenAlev Sezen

Lawyer Alev Sezen is the founder and first president of BİLKA (Bilge Kadın Araştırma Merkezi/ Research Center of Wise Woman) was born in Istanbul in 1973. She is originated from Malatya. She was educated in Istanbul in every stage of her education life. Respectively; Özdemiroğlu Elementary School, Çamlıca Girls’ Middle School , Üsküdar Commercial High School, Marmara University Faculty of Law ( graduated in first 10), Istanbul University Institute of Forensic Medicine `master’s degree with the thesis “The Reflection of Domestic Violence Against Women to Divorce Cases” and took the title “MA in Forensic Scientist”.

In various legal journals her scientific articles have been published in legal matters. She gives conferences in various non-governmental organizations about her expertising subjects. She is registered as a free lawyer at Istanbul Bar Association. She was a parliamentary candidate in 2007 general elections. She is a columnist writing in various newspapers, magazines and sites and she also the founder and manager of several NGOs. She is married and has 2 children.

Belkıs ÜNVEREczacı Belkıs Ünver

İlk orta ve Lise Eğitimini Eskişehir’de tamamladı. İstanbul’da Lisans eğitimini tamamladıktan sonra Abbott ilaç fabrikası kalite kontrol labaratuarında 4 yıl çalıştı. Marmara Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği fakültesinde Biyokimya yüksek lisansını tamamladıktan sonra Marmara Üniversitesi Eczacılık Fakültesi’de açılan uygulama eczanesinde çalışmaya başladı. 03.07.2013 tarihinde Emekliye ayrılmıştır. Marmara Üniversitesi Eczacılık Fakültesi mezunlar derneğinde kuruluşundan itibaren aktif olarak çalışmaktadır. Halen yönetim kurulu üyesidir. Ayrıca Sosyal sorumluluk projelerinde ve sivil toplum kuruluşlarında çalışmaktadır. İstanbul Kalamış Rotary Klubü’nün üyesi olup; 2011-2012 yılları arasında Başkanlık yapmıştır. Dalyan Inner Wheel Club üyesi ve Türk Üniversiteli Kadınlar Derneği Kadıköy Şubesi Yönetim Kurulu Üyesidir.

Gülhan Cengiz


Yasemin Sezgin / Lütfiye Özgen


ravza kanDr. Ravza Kavakçı Kan

Dr. Ravza KAVAKCI KAN holds a PhD in political science from Howard University in Washington, DC. Her dissertation is titled “The Paradoxes of Turkey’s Role Model Status in the Debate on Its Accession to the European Union (EU): A Critical View of the Power of Representation.” She holds an MA (2008) degree in European Studies from Bogazici University and a BS (1993) degree in Software Engineering form University of Texas at Dallas. After completing her undergraduate degree she worked on the AKBIL (first electronic ticketing system used in Istanbul) Project as a part of the engineering team and the head of the newly established customer relations department in Belbim A.S. In 2008 she worked as the project coordinator of the first EU-funded project of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. During her doctoral studies she publishedtwo book chapters.Dr. Kavakci Kan, who is currently working at the Project Department of Istanbul UlasimCompany and is a lecturer at HasanKalyoncu University, teaches classes like introduction to political science, introduction to social sciences, American Foreign Policy and the European Union.


Eşzamanlı Çalıştay 2. Grup- Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları (STK) /  Parallel Workshop 2. Group -Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

aziz akgün sonProf. Dr. Aziz Akgül,

EDUCATION: 1996 Became Full Professor of Management and Organizational Theory at Kırıkkale University, Turkey/ 1990 Became Associate Professor of  Management and Organizational Theory at İstanbul University, Turkey/1987-1989  MS and conducted postgarduate research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterry, CA, USA / 1982-1986 Earned Ph.D in Management from the Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, Turkey / 1980-1982 Earned MBA from the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Management / 1979 BA in Management from the Military Academy in Ankara, Turkey

EXPERIENCE: 2008 – Present Senior Advisor to the Vice President Mr. Abdülkadir Aksu of the Ruling Party, AkParti, Turkey/ 1998 – Present CEO of Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction which mainly deals with waste reduction,  and eradication of poverty, Pioneer of the Turkish Grameen Microcredit Program in Turkey / 2002-  2007 Member of Parlament for City of Diyarbakır, Turkish Grand National Assembly / 2001-2002 Taught Statistics at the MBA Programme of Başkent University / 1997-1998 Senior Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Turkish Republic and President of Small and Medium Industry Development  Organization (KOSGEB) / 1996- 1997 Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of The Turkish Republic / 1996 – 1997 Professor of Management at Kırıkkale University. Also teaches at the Health Institute of Gülhane Medical School at the Social Studies Institute of Başkent University in Ankara. / 1993-1996 Chief of the Biostatistic Division of Gülhane Military Medical School. Also taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Biostatistics. / 1991 Taught managment at the MBA Program of the İstanbul University. / 1982 Taught at the School of Management at the Middle East Technical University. 1981-1993  Taught at the Military Academy in Ankara.  PUBLICATIONS:        Has published 16 books and several articles on Management, Operations Research and the Defense Industry


fatma şensoyDr. Fatma Şensoy

 She was born in 1960. She studied in Bolu for her primary and secondary education. She had her bachlor’s degree in Economics from  Marmara University in 1981.  She got her masters degree in economy history in 1994 and PhD in 2004 from Marmara University Instution of Social Sciences. Dissertation topic of her masters was “The Social and Economic Dimensions of  Waqfs That Provided Service To Women and Children in Ottoman Empire”.  Her PhD dissertation topic was “Foundation Water of İstanbul in XIX Century”. She lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between 1994 and 1996. She is married with 3 children.


piyale çitil1Piyale Çitil Özdoğan

 She was born in Hekimhan, 1973. She graduaded from the department of public administration of the faculty of political science of univercity Istanbul  (1975) . In the same year , she begun a master degree in the department of social policy of the school of economics. She prepared an undergrade thesis whic is named “  Career manegement system  as an sub-system in Human Resources. She worked on the field of manegement consultancy in a private company  for a period.  From February 2000 on, She is boards of director of Women Education and Cultur Fondation (HAKVE); from June 2013, executing thegeneral coordinator of Turkey Civil Society Organisation Family Platform which coordinates among all CSO’s and represnts  an decision making body of 54 CSO’s. She is married and has two childrens.


hicranHicran Hamza Çelikyay

Graduated from Bogazici University, Advanced Vocational Studies, Computer Programming Department in 1996. Worked as a Geography Information System (GIS) specialist for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality between 2000 – 2009. Received her BA degree in Management from Anadolu University and MS degree from Bahcesehir University, Urban Systems and Transportation Management programme. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate at Marmara University, Local Authorities and Decentralization programme. European Union metropolitan management, urban systems, local governments and city councils are some of her main areas of interest. Currently serving as a Member of the Istanbul Greater Municipality (İBB) Council, Çelikyay also holds the post of Chairwoman at the Council’s Commission for Traffic and Transportation  Commmission. And also a member of  The Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT). She is now working as a researcher in Society and Culture Desk at SETA İstanbul. 

Dr. Melike Günyüz


esra özdilEsra Özdil 

Esra Özdil currently works as a research assistant at Society and Culture Directorate, SETA. She received her BA degree in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University in 2011. She is pursuing MA degree in Sociology at Istanbul Şehir University with the thesis on secular everyday life and Muslim women.




nazif gürdoğan

Çalıştay Moderatörü: Prof. Dr. Nazif Gürdoğan, “Medyatik kadın imajı oluşturmada ve algı şekillendirmesinde kitle iletişim araçlarında kullanılan unsurlar” “Elements that are Used in Mass Media to Constitute Popular Women Image”





funda ozan akyolFunda Ozan Akyol 






Neyir Akbulut


binnurBinnur Feyizli

İstanbul’ da doğdu. Anadolu Üniversitesi İletişim Bilimleri Fakültesi , Sinema TV Bölümü ‘nü  yılında bitirdi.“Reklamlarda Kadının Kullanılması “ konulu tez çalışması yaptı.21.08.2002 – 04.03.2004 tarihleri arasında TRT 2 de Eğitim Kültür Drama Programları Müdürlüğü yaptı.Uluslararsı Altın Portakal, Adana Altın Koza, Ankara Uluslar arası Film festivali, Bursa Altın Karagöz Film festivali gibi film festivallerde  kısa film jürilerinde , “Uzakdoğu Filmleri Festivali “ nin  de hazırlayanları arasında yer aldı. TRT 1 de yayınlanan Prof.Dr. Kenan Gülsoy’un sunduğu DÜŞÜNCE İKLİMİ, Ahmet  Murat’ın sunduğu Aklıselim Programı’nın  yapımı ve yönetimini gerçekleştirdi. 2012 Nisan ayında TRT 1 de  başlayan İYİ FİKİR  propramının    yapımcılığını Temmuz 2013 e kadar sürdürdü. Halen TRT Türk’te yayınlanan Gündem Edebiyat Programı’nın yapım yönetimini yanı sıra yine TRT Türk’te yayınlanacak olan  ve Sibel Eraslan’la yapacakları “Güzel Sözün Sahipleri” isimli programın hazırlıklarını sürdürmektedir. İş hayatının yanı sıra STK çalışmaları da yürütmektedir. TGV ( Türk Gençlik vakfı )  Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi, AKODER ( Aileyi Koruma Derneği ) Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi Medyasofa Girişim Grubu Başkanıdır.


ayşe bostan

Ayşe Bostancı

She was born in Seydişehir and graduated in Elementary  Secondary Schools in the same city.After she graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Education, she worked as a teacher in Aladağ-Adana.On February 28, She was forced to leave teaching.She got married and started to work in private schools in Istanbul. She received training from Women to Community Training Group.After this training, she gave a lot of seminars about child development,moral development and privacy training. She served in a variety of civil society organizations.She is one of the founders of Family Protection and Support Association (AKODER) .She had chaired for six years but now she is stil a border member.She has been giving seminars on media literacy for many years.  Her articles were published in Özgür Duruş about one and half years.She is wrote about media and family  in several magazines and web site.  Ayşe Bostancı who continue to teach as a teacher in the Public School,is married and has three children.


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